Legend says, “Novak Djokovic is the one I admire the most.”

One of the tennis players on the tour who most appeals to young people is Francisco Cerndolo. The Argentine has grown remarkably and has progressively been able to establish himself in the ATP circuit.

The tennis player, who was born in 1998, managed to achieve his greatest ranking of world number 24 thanks to last week’s triumph in Bastad, and the player still appears to have a lot of space for progress. Francisco Cerndolo remembered a conversation with 21-time Grand Slam champion and Serbian champion Novak Djokovic that was particularly meaningful to him in an interview with ESPN.

Francisco has brought up the meeting several times in recent months, but he truly wants to talk about it now to honor the compassion of the former leader. Cerndolo arrived in Belgrade after losing to Diego Schwartzman in the Buenos Aires championship match.

While Nole was the first seed and the favorite for the domestic competition, Francisco had to qualify. “I had just made it to the final in Buenos Aires and had arrived in Belgrade,” he confesses. I was surprised when Djokovic approached me to say hello because at the time, I was ranked 120th in the world.

Nole gave me his congratulations for winning the Buenos Aires final, but that wasn’t all he knew. He had witnessed some of my brother’s and my previous games, which were truly amazing. The season for Novak Djokovic has not exactly gotten off to an easy start.

The Covid-19 virus vaccine refusal of the Serbian champion resulted in both his removal from the Australian Open and a great deal of criticism. Additionally, Nole skipped the entire cement leg of his American tour and only returned on clay.

John McEnroe gives Djokovic high marks

In a recent interview, John McEnroe praised the “Big-3,” praising the diversity of each player’s playing style. “I’ve never seen a player as lovely as Roger Federer.

He resembles a modernized Rod Laver. Nadal has succeeded in that, but I’d never seen someone try harder than Jimmy Connors. I can connect to Novak Djokovic being like a human dartboard, McEnroe stated in an interview with The Week magazine.

McEnroe expressed relief that his playing days did not overlap with the advent of the internet, saying he could not have handled the inevitable criticism on social media. “Jesus Christ, all they do is chase likes.

It’s more detrimental than a heroin addiction. If I had been 20 years old, active on social media, and the press had pursued me, I would have lost it, according to John McEnroe. “I fear that I may have said or done something that I would later regret.”