Rafael Nadal, a former ATP ace, feels he was successful in that.

Reilly Opelka’s performance against Rafael Nadal earlier this year, in the opinion of coach Neville Godwin, confirms the notion that the American has what it takes to rank among the top ten players in the world. At the end of February, Opelka attained his highest position in his career by moving up to 17th in the world.

Kevin Anderson, a two-time Grand Slam finalist, had worked for four years with South African coach Godwin. According to Sportskeeda, Godwin stated on the Control the Controllables podcast that “he can probably be a top 10 player.”

He plays a terrifying brand of tennis. He is terrifying when he is in the correct frame of mind and there is nobody else on any actual surface. Opelka lost to Nadal in straight sets in the round of 16 at the Indian Wells Masters in March.

However, Nadal did not have an easy encounter as the Spaniard defeated Opelka 7-6(1) 7-6. (4). Godwin stated, “He faced Nadal in Indian Wells.” We were discussing how fantastic it could be when I said, “I honestly think he’ll be at his best in 18 months or two years.” He played a great match, lost 7-6 and 7-6, and had a chance to win a set after that on the slowest hard court you can find.

That’s maturing, growing up, learning a trade, and getting better. Opelka, an ATP champion four times over, has won two matches this year in Dallas and Houston. Godwin asserts that Opelka is dedicated to training. Godwin replied, “I mean, he works extremely hard.

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“Just this week is an example, I mean. I believe he has completed two or three weight training sessions in preparation for the US season, and he is producing impressive results.

Rafa Nadal may rise to the top.

In a recent interview, John McEnroe praised the “Big-3,” praising the diversity of each player’s playing style.

“I’ve never seen a player as lovely as Roger Federer. He resembles a modernized Rod Laver. Rafael Nadal has done that better than anyone I’ve ever seen, but Jimmy Connors tried more.

I can identify to Djokovic being like a human dartboard, McEnroe stated in an interview with The Week magazine. The 60-year-old continued by discussing his own life and making the statement that he was proud of himself for handling the numerous accomplishments and setbacks he has had over the course of his career.

The direction I’ve taken and the lessons I’ve learned from my accomplishments and mistakes as a player, a husband, and a father make me feel proud, McEnroe remarked. “At the end of the day, you must ask yourself: How at ease do I feel as a human being? I feel fairly well.

Rafael Nadal, a former ATP ace, feels he was successful in that.

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