Reminiscing about her WTA debut, Naomi Osaka discusses her current professional objectives.

The 24-year-old Naomi Osaka said that after making her WTA debut, she felt “overwhelmed,” and that attending her first press conference was a significant learning lesson at the time. Osaka made her WTA debut at age 16 in 2014 at the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic in San Jose.

After eight years, Osaka has won four Grand Slam titles and is one of the top favorites to win the championship this week in San Jose. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Osaka recalled her debut: “I remember being overwhelmed.”

“I had never attended a news conference before. It was a teaching moment. As of this now, Osaka is the highest-paid female athlete in the world and a huge celebrity everywhere. Osaka remarked, “Now I’ve reached a stage where people pay to watch me play.

“I’m extremely appreciative for that.”

On her objectives at this point in her career, Osaka

Osaka has achieved what every tennis player dreams of doing: winning a Grand Slam and rising to the top of the world rankings. Osaka’s primary objective right now is to amuse and entertain tennis fans.

Osaka stated, “To be completely honest, I just want to have fun.” Osaka has talked openly about her choice to discuss her mental health issues in public. Speaking about it wasn’t something Osaka was particularly proud of at the time.

Later, when I heard from others that they were experiencing the same issues, I said, “Oh, I’m glad I talked about it. However, at same time a year ago, all I wanted to do was remain in. I believe that last year taught me a lot.

I felt like we were going through it together when people told me they were struggling, too. Sharing that experience with everyone has been extremely great. Osaka is beginning her summer on hard courts this week after missing two months owing to an Achilles issue.