Texas’s representative criticizes Joe Biden’s administration for its ban on Novak Djokovic

“However, it now seems he may not be able to defeat the Biden Administration’s cold, callous, spiteful, scientifically illiterate mentality in order to participate in the 2022 US Open.

“Biden’s xenophobia and his inability to move forward in the face of mounting scientific evidence are demonstrated by this Administration’s vaccine travel mandate.”

Gohmert wants Djokovic to compete at the US Open.

Gohmert continued, “The present vaccination requirement for foreign visitors to the United States is not only anti-science, it’s anti-American.

Djokovic has updated his followers, letting them know that he is getting ready for the US Open as though he will be able to play. “I just wanted to take a minute to tell all of you how appreciative I am to see so many messages of love and support from all around the world these days.

Because I didn’t anticipate it, it feels really mind-blowing. I only wanted to express gratitude. People’s love and support for my tennis career and their desire for me to keep competing make me feel special.

While I wait to hear if I can travel to the US, I am preparing as if I will be able to compete. Hoping for the best!” Djokovic posted a message over the weekend on Instagram. The Montreal Masters begins the next week, and Djokovic has yet to formally withdraw from the competition.

Djokovic is still hopeful that he will be able to participate in the US Open as well as the Masters tournaments in Cincinnati and Montreal.

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Texas’s representative criticizes Joe Biden’s administration for its ban on Novak Djokovic

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