The ATP star exclaims, “I am incredibly glad that Roger Federer…

Dominic Stricker stated that playing tennis alongside Roger Federer was a privilege in a video made available by the ATP.

Roger Federer Stricker

“I believe the workout with Roger Federer was really noteworthy.

I relished every minute of our time together on the court. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to play with him during this period “In the video, Stricker says. The 19-year-old also summarized his tennis career, from the moment he started playing at age five to when he won the boys’ singles title at the French Open.

“Dominic Stricker, a Berne, Switzerland native, here. I first picked up a tennis racket when I was around five years old. My junior year was quite unique for me. In Israel, I had a fairly decent game. Everything began then, and the following year I was able to compete in the Grand Slam events. For my final Grand Slam, I competed in the French Open.

It was pretty special because I won the singles and doubles matches, “says the adolescent. Roger Federer recently discussed his son’s helpful and friendly demeanor in an interview. He added, “One of the things that we want to be able to pass on to him is his eagerness to help.

The father contemplated nature while watching his son put others before himself. He doesn’t look at himself first, he said. Federer provided a lot of assistance during the pandemic and gave needy households one million Swiss francs. He said, “Even during this pandemic, he helped a lot, and it is important to him to donate generously”.