Views on Daria Kasatkina’s coming out as LGBT are expressed by Cori Gauff.

Cori Gauff, a finalist at the 2022 French Open, expressed her happiness and best wishes for Daria Kasatkina in the wake of the Russian’s decision to come out as gay. Kasatkina, a top-ranked Russian woman tennis player, came out as gay last month.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Gauff remarked of Kasatkina’s coming out as gay, “I am really thrilled for her.” “I think that would be incredibly scary to do, especially coming from her nation, which isn’t typically as transparent about that subject as we are in the US.

Simply put, I’m incredibly thrilled for her and send my warmest wishes. I’m hoping things get better. I’m glad she felt at ease enough to open up about that aspect of her life. I can only think how many individuals in her situation find inspiration in what she did even though she didn’t have to.

Gauff pleased that Kasatkina was backed by the tennis community

Kasatkina began getting support from other WTA players soon after coming out as homosexual. One of the most gifted women’s tennis players, Gauff, was pleased to see Kasatkina’s teammates cheering her on after she made one of the most important decisions of her life.

At least the females around her, according to Gauff, “are all very supportive of each other’s origins and identities” in tennis. “I don’t think there’s any judgment when it comes to the fact that I’m not best friends with everyone.

It’s not often that you enter a space where people are from all over the world and you don’t feel judged, which is something that makes tennis so fantastic. Kasatkina’s girlfriend’s identity was made public by the Russian not long after it became known that she was lesbian.

Kasatkina is presently dating Natalia Zabiiako, a figure skater. Kasatkina claimed that she had to stop living “in the closet” despite the fact that Russia is not a particularly accepting nation for the LGBTQ+ community.