A young ATP champion makes fun of Roger Federer.

performing admirably on clay following victories in Munich and the Rome final.

Federer acknowledged that winning the national athlete of the year award in Switzerland is difficult and that it is not one of his key objectives when questioned about it following one of his victories in Rome. Additionally, he cited Martina Hingis’ decision to quit from tennis, which left Roger as the best player in Swiss tennis during those years as a result.

“I don’t know; every year, certain guys make significant progress, like Simon Ammann did the previous year.

King Roger: Musetti

After a bright beginning to his career, when he gained recognition by defeating Stan Wawrinka and Kei Nishikori in particular during the Rome 2020 tournament, Lorenzo Musetti then experienced a setback caused in part by a difficult to process emotional break.

The 20-year-old Italian, who defeated world number 4 Carlos Alcaraz in the ATP 500 final a few days ago to win his first career title, finally appears to be taking off for the top. After this first crown associated with click, Corriere della Sera questioned Lorenzo over the prospect of hiring a prominent coach for his team.

“In my opinion, it’s not a necessary move. I already receive additional assistance from federal coach Umberto Rianna, whose relationship I hope to grow “Before answering, Musetti mentioned the prospect of having a particular Roger Federer as a coach. I’d be happy to, but I don’t believe I could handle his pay.