Andrey Rublev admits the truth after winning the Washington debut

Andrey Rublev, the top seed, acknowledged that he believed he would lose his Washington debut match against Jack Draper. Rublev defeated emerging British talent Draper by a score of 6-4, 6-2 on Tuesday to begin his Washington campaign.

In order to win in straight sets, Rublev broke Draper three times in the second set after doing so once in the first. Following the game, Rublev made a somewhat unexpected admission. “Sincerely, I had the impression that I would probably lose today’s match despite the fact that it was undoubtedly challenging.

He nearly beat me in Madrid, so that’s why I had that impression. I only went on the court today to give it my all, and I’ve said from the start that it’s possible, even likely, that I’ll lose the game. I’m content that I was able to prevail in straight sets in the end “According to Rublev on the ATP website.

Rublev on sports politics

The eighth-ranked Rublev was denied entry to Wimbledon after Russian players were banned by the AELTC. Rublev agreed that politics had always played a role in sport but voiced optimism that politics might one day be absent from it.

Politics have, in my opinion, always been present in sports, Rublev stated. “Everyone is aware of this. However, I do think that by working together and promoting peace, tennis may serve as an example for other sports to follow, and perhaps one day sport will be free of politics altogether.

Because tennis is an independent sport, I think politics can exist without it. It’s one of not many sports, in my opinion, that is separate from the others. There are players here from all over. We perform in all nations.

We are exploring the entire planet. Tennis has a fair chance of remaining politically neutral since, yes, all the nations are participating.” Rublev will face the winner of the match between Jack Sock and Maxime Cressy in the second round of the Washington tournament.