Emma Raducanu discusses the potential for a significant decrease in rankings following the US Open

The No. 10 player in the world, Emma Raducanu, says she won’t be too concerned if her ranking drops after the US Open since she doesn’t mind starting over. After the American hard court swing, Raducanu might fall out of the top 100 if she doesn’t have a strong US Open performance.

“Regardless of what I might have said, I believe that I did harbor some unrealistic expectations of myself. And now I’ve just decided to accept it “As reported by Sportskeeda, Raducanu. “Okay, so it won’t necessarily be simple or straightforward, but to be completely honest, I’m totally fine with starting over.

I mean, I don’t care if my rating drops to 1000 or anything.”

Raducanu made a surprising leap in the standings.

Last year at the US Open, Raducanu was the 150th-ranked player, but after making it past the qualifying round and taking first place, he gained 2,040 points.

Raducanu shot up to the 23rd spot in the world after winning the US Open as a qualifier. Since that time, Raducanu has also succeeded in cracking the top 10, largely as a result of the players who came before her failing to successfully protect their points.

In case Raducanu loses early at the US Open, she could lose 2,000 of her current 2,717 points. Raducanu was a bright young woman with no obligations or expectations when she arrived in New York City the previous year. Raducanu is back this year much wiser, but she is also the center of attention.

“Yes, I believe that I feel smarter today than I did, say, right after the US Open and at the start of this year. Because I won the US Open, I’m confident that I can return there “said Raducanu.

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I’m really, you know, accepting of that and looking forward to whatever route it takes, even though it might take a little while.

Emma Raducanu discusses the potential for a significant decrease in rankings following the US Open
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