“I felt too agitated,” said Emma Raducanu.

Emma Raducanu has successfully completed the first competition leading up to the year’s fourth Grand Slam, the WTA‘s debut in Washington. Given her victory at the 2021 US Open, she is one of the major special places for the American hardcourt season.

The British is attempting to control the pressure that has bothered her and prevented her from expressing herself fully in recent months in order to continue to develop on the field and transform her 2022.

“I felt too agitated,” said Emma Raducanu.

During the press conference, the British athlete spoke candidly and shared some intriguing information regarding her mental condition during previous competitions: “Regardless of what I said, there’s a good chance that I had unrealistic expectations of myself.

Sincerity be told, I’m getting used to it. Even if dealing with this kind of circumstance won’t always be simple, I’m completely prepared to start again. I wouldn’t care if my rating dropped to 1000 or anything.

Compared to just after the US Open and the start of this year, I feel better right now. Being the defending champion, I am confident that I will once again reach the top. Even if it could take some time, I really accept it and am eager to start on whichever route I choose.

Although I was initially anxious, I believe I had periods in the first game where I was playing fantastic tennis. I believe that participating in the first round is always pretty difficult. The little things don’t always go smoothly when you don’t have a lot of confidence.

Only maintaining your composure is crucial. In this competition, I can get better, hopefully starting in the next round. There were a few instances when I felt a little frazzled, but I ultimately reorganized and discovered a solution.”

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“I felt too agitated,” said Emma Raducanu.
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