Legend has it that Roger Federer “is like a modernized version of…”

The Big 3 have completely rewritten tennis record books and made tennis history. After winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros this year, Rafael Nadal presently holds the top spot in the all-time Grand Slam rankings.

This propelled the Spaniard to 22 Majors, giving him an advantage of one over Novak Djokovic and two over Roger Federer. By winning Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career, the Serbian champion has closed the deficit but will hardly be able to travel to the US to compete in the US Open.

The former world number one is preparing in Croatia in the hopes of obtaining a special visa to enter the US. For his part, Nadal will compete in the Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal the following week. Federer‘s address is more challenging because he is still in the locker room recovering from yet another operation on his right knee.

The Laver Cup, which will be held at London’s O2 Arena from September 23–25, will mark the 40-year-old Basel player’s comeback to the field. John McEnroe complimented the three sacred beasts in a lengthy interview given to the magazine “The Week.”

McEnroe attacks Federer first.

“I’ve never seen a player as lovely as Roger Federer. He resembles a modernized Rod Laver. Nadal has succeeded in that, but I’d never seen someone try harder than Jimmy Connors.

I can identify to Djokovic being like a human dartboard, McEnroe stated in an interview with The Week magazine. The 60-year-old then discussed his own life, saying, “I feel pleased of the route I’ve gone in, what I’ve learned from my accomplishments and mistakes as a player, as a husband, and as a father.”

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“At the end of the day, you must ask yourself: How at ease do I feel as a human being? I feel fairly well. McEnroe was relieved that the dawn of the internet did not coincide with his playing days. “Jesus Christ, all they do is chase likes.

It’s more detrimental than a heroin addiction. If I had been 20 years old, active on social media, and the press had pursued me, I would have lost it, according to John McEnroe. “I fear that I may have said or done something that I would later regret.”

Despite the fact that many believe Federer is over his peak at this point in his illustrious career, he still shows tenacity. However, it is undeniable that the 40-year-old has only a few years left to play on the tour.

Legend has it that Roger Federer “is like a modernized version of…”

By Antonio Zaccaro

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