Rafael Nadal reflects on the importance of having fun while playing, but.

Nadal was forced to miss Wimbledon and the Olympics. Rafa re-started in July, and before Toronto, he wanted to test the waters in Washington.

In an unexpected move, Nadal chose the Washington wild card to make his debut in the nation’s capital. After more than three hours, Rafa defeated Jack Sock in the crucial tie break while playing for the first time in two months. Rafa labored and was clearly in agony, but he fought through it and gave it his all, moving on to the third round.

Last year, Rafael Nadal did not compete in Toronto or Cincinnati.

Nadal acknowledged his suffering, but he still desired to play Lloyd Harris the following day. The Spaniard felt a little better, but after two hours and ten minutes, he lost 6-4, 1-6, 6-4.

Rafa experienced less discomfort than the previous evening, but due to a late break he received in the decider, he was unable to cross the finish line first. Nadal made the decision to withdraw from Toronto and Cincinnati after paying attention to his body. He then flew back to Spain to visit his family and consult with a doctor before making a decision about the US Open.

“I’ve been having issues for a few months. After everything I’ve accomplished in Canada, it’s not ideal that I can’t compete this week because we had to forgo the competition last year. It was a difficult choice, but that is the current situation.

Tennis enjoyment is what’s most essential to me. I can’t do it right now because of the discomfort, and I can’t accomplish the things I came to Canada for “explained Rafael Nadal.

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Rafael Nadal reflects on the importance of having fun while playing, but.

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