Rafael Nadal was a polite youngster when, according to a prominent coach.

Rafa defeated Fabio Fognini in a contest, winning 7-5, 7-5, in two hours and thirty-four minutes to win his third championship of the year and the biggest since Roland Garros last year. The Spaniard had to put up a lot of effort to prevail, winning by 14 points over the Italian.

In order to win the match without tie breaks or a decider, Nadal successfully defended seven of his opportunities to break the tie.

Rafa is ranked third.

Toni mentions how his nephew was a well-behaved lad as a child in Rafael Nadal‘s autobiography.

The foundation of everything, he asserted, is respect for others, for everyone, regardless of who they may be or what they may do. It is unacceptable for persons who have achieved success in life to act rudely toward others.

No, you have a stronger obligation to treat people with respect the higher up you are. Toni said, “I would have hated my nephew to have turned out any other way, to have performed tantrums on court, to have been churlish with his opponents, with the whole world watching on TV. ” When asked what he would have done if Nadal had been an unruly boy, Toni replied, “I would have done whatever I could to make him behave.

Or to be rude to the umpires or the spectators, for that matter. Being a decent person is more important than being a good player, I constantly say, and his parents agree.