Wimbledon, in Victoria Azarenka’s opinion, gave her a “We don’t care” response.

Tennis player Victoria Azarenka from Belarus claimed that despite her best efforts, Wimbledon simply wasn’t interested in her suggestions and responded with a “I don’t care” attitude.

Russian and Belarusian players received player suspensions from Wimbledon in April. Azarenka and her fellow countrymen were thus denied the opportunity to participate in this year’s Wimbledon. Azarenka felt Wimbledon “lost out” on a great opportunity to demonstrate how sports can bring people together.

Azarenka: I felt like I was given a “We don’t care” lecture.

Azarenka told TENNIS.com, “I’m on the Player Council, so I can’t fully cut myself off.” I take my job very seriously, especially that aspect.

What was missed, in my opinion, was a great chance to demonstrate how athletics can bring people together. Although I believe we lost the chance, I still believe we can demonstrate it. What did I do about it? Because I enjoy helping others, I always look for a solution that goes beyond myself and what may be better.

I enjoy solving problems in challenging circumstances. The complete lack of knowledge and negligence on the side of the other parties, in my opinion, was difficult. That was a difficult element for me to understand since you bring your options, opportunities, and heart and are essentially faced with a “We don’t care” response. However, we all go on.

My perspective on assisting others hasn’t changed because of it, and it won’t. Since I don’t think that aspect of myself will ever disappear, let’s just go on. Wimbledon cited their desire to prevent the Russian or Belarusian regimes from exploiting the success of their players for political purposes as the rationale for their choice.

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The two-time Grand Slam winner Azarenka claims to be opposed to all forms of violence including war. “I have firmly spoken my opinion on numerous occasions. I have never agreed with war. I could never defend any form of violence against anyone. I’m hoping the WTA may take some action to soften the severity of the measures addressing our situation,” Azarenka emphasized.

Wimbledon, in Victoria Azarenka’s opinion, gave her a “We don’t care” response.
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