Commenting on Daria Kasatkina’s coming out as gay, Naomi Osaka

Daria Kasatkina has received support from Naomi Osaka, who also expressed her wish that the Russian wouldn’t experience any hazards at home as a result of her decision to come out as homosexual. Last month, 25-year-old Kasatkina came out as gay. Kasatkina found the courage and strength to be upfront about her orientation despite the fact that Russia is not a particularly accepting country for the LGBTQ+ population.

The tennis world has shown Kasatkina a lot of support, and four-time Grand Slam champion Osaka is the most recent player to do so. According to Osaka’s statement on the WTA website, “I thought it was pretty incredible how she’s doing that.”

“It is a bit of a risky scenario, so I do believe we need to come together to support her. But I think it’s really amazing that she’s coming out and sticking up for what she believes in in light of everything.

I’ve always been in favor of that.”

Kasatkina is offered support by Osaka and Cori Gauff.

Gauff praised Kasatkina for her choice to come out and said it undoubtedly encouraged others in similar circumstances to do the same.

Gauff stated, “I believe that in tennis, at least with the girls here, we’re all really supportive of each other regardless of the background or identity. “When it comes to it, I don’t believe there is any condemnation.

I’m glad she felt at ease enough to open up about that aspect of her life. She was not required to do it. But I can only guess how many individuals in her position are motivated by that.” The three athletes’ North American hard court tour began this week in San Jose for Kasatkina, Osaka, and Gauff.

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Kasatkina stated that she is feeling “more cheerful and comfortable” during the competition. Nataliia Zabiako, Kasatkina’s girlfriend, joins her in San Jose. Kasatkina defeated Taylor Townsend 6-4, 6-0, on Wednesday to advance to the quarterfinal in San Jose.

Commenting on Daria Kasatkina’s coming out as gay, Naomi Osaka
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