Daria Kasatkina begins by discussing her feelings ever since she came out as gay.

Daria Kasatkina claimed that since coming out as gay, she feels “more free and happier.” Kasatkina came out as gay during a talk with a Russian YouTuber that was posted on YouTube last month, and she also revealed she has a girlfriend.

WTA players swarmed Kasatkina with words of encouragement soon after she made her declaration. Kasatkina told WTA Insider, “I don’t know how the social media filter works, but I’ve simply heard extremely wonderful stuff.”

“not only from the west, but also from people in my nation. I’m overjoyed about it. As I could see, it was beneficial for other individuals as well as me. That’s fantastic, and I’m happy. Most importantly, I feel good about it and about myself.”

Kasatkina: I feel happier and more liberated.

Kasatkina is competing in her first competition since coming out as homosexual this week. Natalia Zabiiako, Kasatkina’s figure skater girlfriend, is with her in San Jose. Kasatkina admitted, “Yeah, I feel more liberated and content.

“I believe I took the appropriate action. When is a better time than now to deal with the difficult circumstances in the world? Let’s combine everything in a single pool.” Although Kasatkina, 25, is currently rated as the world’s No. 12 player and has yet to claim a single championship this year, she has advanced to back-to-back semifinals in Rome and the French Open.

Kasatkina’s objective now that she’s advanced to her maiden Grand Slam semifinal is to scale much higher. At this time, Kasatkina added, “I have to understand that I am an adult and mature enough.” “I’m no longer eighteen.

I can’t just assume that because I’m young, I’ll have time. No, I have to act now because I’m 25. I have to demonstrate what I’ve learned throughout the years. I believe that now is the perfect opportunity to give more than you receive.”