João Domingues misses a tough battle and misses the ‘quarter’ in Cordenons

Joo Domingues was hoping to go to second Challenger quarterfinal this season after gaining his greatest victory since October 2020. However, the Portuguese were unsuccessful in achieving that goal because they allowed a very evenly matched combat to go awry.

In the Challenger of Cordenons, which was held in Italy, the number 316 player in the ATP rankings, who had defeated Marco Cecchinato on Wednesday, was defeated by fellow Italian Andrea Vavassori (210th). The final score of the 2h15 match, which included multiple opportunities for the Portuguese player, was 7-6(6) and 7-6(1).

Domingues had two set points in this last game and led 3-0 (on two breaks), 4-3, and 6-5. In the tiebreaker, he was unable to defeat Vavassori. In the second game, the oliveirense overcame the break’s disadvantage and squandered a set point at 6-5, on the Italian’s serve, before conceding once more in the tiebreaker.