Nicholas Kyrgios “Coach? I don’t require anyone.”

Recent Wimbledon champion Nick Kyrgios advanced without incident by defeating host tennis player Tommy Paul in two sets. Despite not being seeded, everyone considers Nick to be one of the tournament favorites. Here are his exact statements from the press conference following the win: “Playing against Tommy is always enjoyable because I can bring my best tennis to the game.

We have previously faced off here and in Washington, and every time I have performed well in terms of service and reaction. It would have been much nicer to receive a bye in the first round if I had earned points at Wimbledon since I wouldn’t be under any pressure to win matches. I want to raise my ranking so I won’t have to play two matches in a row to advance to a 500 match’s third round.

Key to maturity? Being at ease with your life can be beneficial. I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful things and to have a loving, healthy relationship with Costeen, who is always there to support me. Together, we have a lot of fun. I train hard with my manager since we have the same aims and he is one of my closest friends.

The finest tennis players in the world just think about playing; this is why it’s crucial to limit your thoughts to tennis.”

Nicholas Kyrgios “Coach? I don’t require anyone.”

Then Kyrgios discussed his connection to the pits: “They need to support me, so I don’t say anything to them.

I’m in a situation where each game is crucial and I need to win to move up the standings. Being a pro, I haven’t really done anything lately to hurt my performance. Coach? When I play against my opponents, I always have a strong tactical game.

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I watch a lot of tennis, so I am well aware of my opponents’ weak points, but no one knows my tennis as well as I do, so I don’t need advice. Maybe all I need is a reinforcement on my team, someone to help me relax. My approach to tennis is fairly straightforward: I start with a strong serve and use my instincts from there.”

Nicholas Kyrgios “Coach? I don’t require anyone.”
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