“Novak Djokovic can change his frame of mind at any time,” said Ivanisevic.

Goran Ivanisevic is back to discuss his friendship with Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic, who is still unsure if he will be allowed to play in the US Open. However, it is likely that he won’t be able to due to his decision not to get vaccinated.

Ivanisevic elucidated: “Being the manager of Novak Djokovic is not always simple. We’re talking about a great champion who holds both himself and others around him to high standards. For instance, if he takes the bad shot during practice, he may entirely lose his mind.

He has the capacity to alter his mood at any time. The ideal balance was not achieved immediately away. I was initially really shy and unsure of how to act in various settings. As time went by, I came to understand that it’s sometimes preferable to remain silent and let something vent.

We share the same Slavic culture and speak the same language, which makes our friendship strong. Being his coach is a privilege and an honor.” Can we expect Djokovic in the US Open? Novak Djokovic had a flurry of emotions in 2022.

The former world number one paid a high price for his decision to forgo the coronavirus vaccination because he was unable to successfully defend his championship at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year. In addition, the Australian soap opera seriously damaged his reputation, which had consequences in the months that followed.

The Serbian champion was forced to forfeit the Masters 1000 events in Indian Wells and Miami in the spring for the same reason. The 35-year-old Belgrade native intended to redeem himself at Roland Garros, but his race was already cut short when he faced Rafael Nadal, his steadfast opponent, in the quarterfinals.

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Nole had a lot of pressure on him heading into Wimbledon since his season was on the verge of failing. Nole did not play a flawless tournament, but at the crucial moments, he excelled and won his eighth championship in the Championships.

While he waits to learn whether he would be able to go to the United States or not, the Belgrade has decreased the distance between him and Nadal in the all-time Grand Slam standings.

“Novak Djokovic can change his frame of mind at any time,” said Ivanisevic.

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