Novak Djokovic’s capoeira is met by Nick Kyrgios’ response!

Novak Djokovic demonstrates his ability to be a well-rounded, diverse athlete by participating in a variety of sports with the goal of experiencing new things, such as learning capoeira. The Serbian champion has posted a video on social media in which, among other things, he practices the renowned Brazilian martial art of ancient origins; the first records on the subject date back to 1624. He is currently waiting to learn his future for the season on concrete, the surface on which he began to train.

The response to the post from Nick Kyrgios, Djokovic‘s opponent in the Wimbledon final, is surprising but unmistakably humorous. The Australian, who the Serbian champion jokingly claimed he had a bromance with after the match, added, “If you’re telling me that this is what it takes to win a Grand Slam, then I’m in trouble.”

“I feel like a Top-10,” said Kyrgios.

A proverb that reads the other way may be used to describe Nick Kyrgios‘s experience at Wimbledon in 2022: “Bad luck in luck.” The Championships were held but without awarding points to the competitors, which hurt, among others, Kyrgios, in the year that the Australian pursued the proper course, winning a Grand Slam in doubles and making it to the singles final.

same, which now would rank in the Top-20 under normal circumstances. Given that the 27-year-old Canberran is now ranked 60th in the world, there is a good chance he will compete in the US Open as an unseeded player.

No matter what happens, Kyrgios voiced his thoughts on the issue, demonstrating once more how confident he is in his technical knowledge: “My competitors are fully aware that whether or not it is seeded, everything depends on me.

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when we argue with one another. They really don’t have much to do if I am confident and perform well. Even though I’ll soon turn 60, I still consider myself to be in the Top 10.”

Novak Djokovic’s capoeira is met by Nick Kyrgios’ response!
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