Patrick Mouratoglou on a phrase he believes Roger Federer might use: Perfection

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou admits that when Roger Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is spoken, the term “perfection” is the first thing enters his thoughts. In a video he shared on Instagram, Mouratoglou answers questions on what he thinks about when specific players are mentioned.

The video is titled “Word association game” by Mouratoglou. When asked what term springs to him when he hears Federer‘s name, Mouratoglou responded, “Perfection.” When questioned about Pete Sampras, a former 14-time Grand Slam champion, Mouratoglou responded with an intriguing word: departure.

The way Sampras retired from professional tennis impressed Mouratoglou. “I probably wouldn’t win a Grand Slam for a while. He made the decision to retire after capturing a Grand Slam and succeeded in winning the US Open.

The following day he ended his career. ever, the best exit “Added Mouratoglou.

Rafael Nadal is associated with a fight, while Roger Federer is associated with perfection.

The full list of references Mouratoglou made is provided below: Rafael Nadal (fighter), Novak Djokovic (dominant), Andre Agassi (return), Bjorn Borg (charisma), Stefanos Tsitsipas (fire), Boris Becker (dive volley), Daniil Medvedev (sense of humor), Alexander Zverev (resilient), and John McEnroe are all examples of players who excel in their respective categories (free).

Mouratoglou declared that the GOAT competition is “still on” following Djokovic‘s victory at Wimbledon.

Although Djokovic only has 21 Grand Slam victories, Nadal still holds the record with a total of 22. On the other hand, Federer is still only 20 and many believe that it is unrealistic to expect the Swiss player to win another Grand Slam, despite the fact that he is getting ready to make a comeback at the Laver Cup in late September.

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Despite suffering an abdominal injury at Wimbledon, Nadal is anticipated to play in the US Open. Djokovic is in in excellent condition, but because to his vaccination history, he will probably miss the US Open. Nadal may be the sole member of the Big Three at this year’s US Open because Djokovic cannot travel to the country without the necessary vaccinations.

Patrick Mouratoglou on a phrase he believes Roger Federer might use: Perfection

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