Rafael Nadal had one of the Tour’s best replies, according to Mouratoglou.

Patrick Mouratoglou compared the reaction times of Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz in a video that was uploaded to Instagram. Added Mouratogliu: “Rafael Nadal has one of the best statistics in the ATP Tour, if you look at the numbers.

He has received numerous breaks this season, and his win rate is only 33.5 percent. He is being outplayed by a player in this game. Carlos Alcaraz is a statistician. Did you know that Murciano won 51.8 percent of games after scoring the opening point in 2022? Just to be clear, the tour average is at around 38%.

As if that weren’t enough, Carlos won slightly more games than Nadal by taking the opening two points in 77.8 percent of the games in return. The typical excursion is 59.4 pe “cent . ” Patrick kept praising Rafa: “Even on the fastest surfaces, Nadal was able to modify his style of play.

How did this happen? First of all, he developed an increasing level of aggression with time. Second, he significantly improved. the backhand slice and the serve.”

Season of Rafa and expectations for the US tour

Rafael Nadal avoided retirement for the umpteenth time in 2022 by winning two major tournaments.

The Spanish superstar stunned everyone by winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros after a 2021 marred by injuries. The former world number one was able to win his 22nd Grand Slam in Paris with the aid of Dr. Cotorro, reiterating his status as a living sports great.

The 36-year-old from Manacor tried to win Wimbledon as well, but was forced to withdraw from the match against Nick Kyrgios in the semifinals because of an abdominal rupture. Rafa is already back in the gym and will visit Montreal in less than a week.

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The US Open, a competition he hasn’t participated in since 2019, is where he hopes to get 100 percent. Given that Novak Djokovic is unlikely to travel to the USA without a coronavirus vaccination, the Iberian will have a decent chance to advance in the all-time Grand Slam rankings.

Rafael Nadal had one of the Tour’s best replies, according to Mouratoglou.

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