Roger Federer is quite adept at separating himself from that feeling, according to his best coach.

Roger Federer remembers winning his first Challenger championship in Brest in 1999 during an interview with Telegramme. “That’s the only Challenger I’ve ever won in my career,” the Swiss athlete declared. It was late in the season, as I recall.

I peaked in the top 100 after beginning the year at 300th. The year was fantastic. I recall that the Challenger was really well-organized. It was enjoyable to play it. There was Martin Damm, Max Mirnyi, Michael Llodra, and Lionel Roux. I believe that was crucial for the media as much as for me.

Unfortunately, the media is easily forgotten, especially considering all the success I experienced subsequently. Even though Brest was an excellent event, we had to start playing Challengers. When you succeed, it’s a wonderful experience that you’ll never forget.

You’re almost at the start of your career, and you want to succeed, break into the top 100, and demonstrate your talent as a tennis player. Therefore, winning a Challenger like that is crucial for a young player.

When asked if he discussed that victory with his squad, Federer said, “Rarely today. Everyone on my team is familiar with how I operate. I won’t discuss it with them every day. We concentrate on the future. However, occasionally I speak with players who are unaware of my Brest victory.

When asked if he could recall his Brest doubles partner, Federer said, “Yes, Guillaume Raoux. He was one of the best partners I’ve ever had, as far as I can recall. He let me down by losing in the second round, so. I recall playing a flawless game in singles versus Mirnyi against a very dangerous indoor court player.

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It happened around Halloween.

Paul Annacone compliments Roger Federer

Recently, Paul Annacone discussed Roger Federer in an interview: That year, he had a fantastic chance, Annacone said. “He defeated Novak in the semifinals, and Novak had been unbeaten all year before the French Open.

He earned set points and led 5-2 in the opening set against Rafa. A drop shot that was attempted was more or less a bailout shot. lost the difficult four-set match and that set. How does a driven athlete recover from such a setback? In Federer‘s situation, detachedly and resignedly.

When he was finished, he was really proud of his performance in the competition, according to Annacone. He excels at naturally disengaging from that emotion. Where he doesn’t try to hide his feelings, where he doesn’t find reasons why he lost, and where he doesn’t point the finger at anyone or anything.

He simply processes things in a really healthy way, which is why I believe he is still playing at the age of 40.

Roger Federer is quite adept at separating himself from that feeling, according to his best coach.

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