Taylor Fritz discusses his chances at the US Open despite Novak Djokovic’s uncertain attendance.

13 in the world Taylor Fritz says his main goal is to crack the top 10, but he acknowledges that if he travels to New York in good shape, he believes he will have a shot at the US Open. The highest-ranked American male tennis player right now, Fritz, had his first Grand Slam quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon.

Due to his vaccine, Novak Djokovic is probably going to miss the US Open, while Rafael Nadal is prone to injuries after having to quit from his Wimbledon semifinal due to an abdominal problem. In particular, Fritz believes he will have a chance at the US Open if Nadal and Djokovic decide not to compete.

“The top 10 are the things that I’m currently sort of focused on.” That is only one successful outcome away. I don’t really give the US Open Series much thought. In any of these competitions, all I’m aiming to do is do well.

You know, I’m definitely a candidate to win the US Open Series if Rafa and Novak are out and I’m playing well. However, the year-end Finals and finishing in the top 10 are more on my mind right now, Fritz told Sportskeeda.

Nadal defeated Fritz in a close match.

Despite plainly being hindered by an abdominal injury during his Wimbledon semifinal matchup against Fritz, Nadal prevailed in five sets. Nadal withdrew from the remainder of the tournament the day after the match due to an abdominal injury.

Some people believed that Nadal should have called it quits against Fritz right away rather than playing it out and then doing so the next day. Fritz responded that he didn’t deserve to be in the semifinals since he had simply failed to defeat Nadal when questioned about their assertions.

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“I ought to have defeated him if I wanted to advance to the semifinal. That’s all there is to it. I shouldn’t be continuing if I didn’t defeat him. I don’t deserve to play in the upcoming game. What is, is what is. He has the right to leave, according to Fritz.

Taylor Fritz discusses his chances at the US Open despite Novak Djokovic’s uncertain attendance.

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