Trainer: “Carlos Alcaraz adds a lot of work to…”

Jannik Sinner taught Carlos Alcaraz a harsh lesson by losing the first set and saving six straight break points in the first service game of the second, and he duly earned his sixth ATP championship in Umag.

The Italian demonstrated all the advancements he has made while being coached by Darren Cahill and Simone Vagnozzi. The Italian tennis player wished to thank the new team members at the press conference for their support over the past few months.

“first championship of the year? The journey to the level I desire is arduous. We are putting a lot of effort into our job, we have changed a lot, and winning a tournament is always amazing. It is even more noteworthy because it was the first competition the new team had ever won.

This book is dedicated to everyone who has ever been close to me. A tennis player does not win a competition by themselves “On the Adnkronos news agency’s microphones, Paolo Bertolucci made comments regarding the championship game between Sinner and Alcaraz.

The former Italian tennis star was not surprised by the transalpine’s outstanding performance. He wouldn’t describe his victory over Alcaraz as a surprise, according to Bertolucci, “since we’ve been stating for two years that he has a lot of opportunities.”

“Jannik still needs to finish himself physically and add a few variations to his strategy; experience will take care of the rest. He has participated in fewer than 200 professional games and already has a spot in the Top 10.”

Alcaraz is a rising star.

After Carlos Alcaraz, 19, lost to Sinner, his physical trainer Alberto Lledo attempted to explain why in a statement to Agencia EFE. “I don’t believe Carlos [Alcaraz] is short in energy, and what might have made him falter in the losing final on Sunday versus [Jannik] Sinner was mentally strong since he played well in the first set and continued that way in the second, but he was hampered by missing six break points in a row. And there, without a doubt, was the key in overcoming a competitor who was extremely talented, showed excellent tennis, and was mentally very stable, according to Lledo, via Eurosport.

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Despite being a genetic and physical marvel, Lledo claimed that Carlos still needs to put in a lot of work to reach the necessary level. “Carlos can improve several things that have to do with hip rotation and reaction speed,” he added.

Trainer: “Carlos Alcaraz adds a lot of work to…”
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