Carla Suarez Navarro discusses her struggle with cancer and offers wellness guidance.

Carla Suarez Navarro, a former world No. 6, acknowledged that receiving a cancer diagnosis caught her off guard and emphasized the importance of routine checkups for early detection of any potential health problems. Suarez Navarro revealed in September 2020 that she had been given a Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis.

Fortunately, Suarez Navarro’s struggle with cancer passed without a hitch; the next year, she received the all-clear and was permitted to rejoin the Tour. Suarez Navarro competed again and represented Spain at the Tokyo Olympics and Billie Jean King Cup Finals before quitting the sport at the conclusion of the season.

In a video for the WTA‘s YouTube channel, Suarez Navarro stated, “I was diagnosed with cancer in late 2020 and it was a surprise.” “You never plan for it, but fortunately everything went smoothly. You may feel fine or seem fine, but deep inside, you’re not, as I’ve indicated numerous times.

I believe that obtaining regular checkups, visiting the doctor, and having tests done are crucial, particularly to identify potential future ailments.”

Suarez Navarro teams up with Hologic on the WTA

The WTA and the manufacturer of medical equipment Hologic agreed to a collaboration this year.

Suarez Navarro believes the WTA made the proper choice by working with Hologic because the company focuses primarily on women’s health. According to Navarro, “I think it’s a very beneficial cooperation, and it’s also very significant for female players.”

“They will be better protected, in my opinion. Additionally, they will be more conscious of the value of health. Since I personally experienced it, I’m glad that a business like this chose to collaborate with a group of women. Hopefully, ladies and female players will learn more about these yearly checks as time goes on.”

Suarez Navarro, 33, is encouraging everyone to not discount the need of routine check-ups after being fortunate enough to overcome cancer. The advice Navarro would provide to everyone regarding their health is to emphasize the value of being healthy, going to the doctor, and getting frequent checkups. “The early detection of such ailments is crucial. Saving many lives depends on spotting them in time.”