Emma Raducanu discusses the tennis she played during her incredible victory at the US Open.

Raducanu, “There were definitely instances when I was coming out with some ridiculous shots.” “At times in your job, you may feel as though everything is automatic and that every shot you take will be successful.

Those weeks don’t happen very frequently. One or two might occur per year. For myself, I was fortunate to have three when it truly counted.

It’s not as if everything was flawless, Raducanu

In the second round of the US Open qualifying, Raducanu defeated Mariam Bolkvadze, who was ranked 247th, 6-3, 7-5.

Raducanu defeated Shelby Rogers in the round of 16 at the US Open, 6-2, 6-1. On paper, Raducanu seemed to have won both matches in a cinch. But Raducanu acknowledged that those were the games where she felt she wasn’t playing at her best.

“I didn’t always play tennis perfectly. It’s definitely a lot about maintaining your composure in those kinds of matches on big courts, as I recall scraping through some of my qualifying matches like my second-round qualifying match (against Bolkvadze) and my fourth-round qualifying match. Raducanu continued, “Like in my qualifying, I remember scraping through some, and my second-round qualifying match (against Bolkvadze).

On August 29, the US Open gets underway, and Raducanu is back as the reigning champion. This year, Raducanu will be traveling to New York in a very different manner. Raducanu went to New York last year with no goals in mind other than to get through qualifying and play in her first US Open. All eyes will now be on how she performs in her US Open comeback.