Former ATP ace: “Roger Federer seems to be out of it.”

Between 2004 and 2007, Roger Federer dominated men’s tennis, winning an amazing 42 ATP titles and only losing 24 games! The new generation, led by Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray, pushed the Swiss to their limits in 2008 and prevented them from maintaining the same pace.

At the Australian Open, Novak ousted Roger, and a month later, Andy did the same in Dubai. In an unusual first-round match between two top 11 players, Murray overcame Federer 6-7, 6-3, 6-4 in one hour and 55 minutes! That year, Dubai assembled a strong field, but Andy missed out on the top seeds while being close to the top 10!

The 20-year-old British player, who was participating in his third meeting, won for the second time. He never faced a break chance during the match, maintaining to his game plan and outplaying the Swiss in the pivotal moments. Federer battled valiantly in the opening set and rallied in the tie break after falling behind 5-2.

However, he was unable to keep up with his competitor in the following two and gave him the opportunity to leave one of his favorite tournaments, where he had won four titles in the previous five years, by dropping a serve in each. Although Andy only served at a rate of 55%, he successfully defended his second serve and earned 48 of the possible 53 points.

Although it should have been the other way around in theory, the teenager outperformed Roger in the shorter and medium rallies while the Swiss had a modest advantage in the longer rallies. Additionally, it was Federer‘s first defeat since Indian Wells 2007, and he wasn’t happy about it, particularly considering Andy’s defensive playing style.

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Lendl discusses King Roger first

Lendl asserted that politics shouldn’t be a factor when choosing the best player in an interview with Dnevnika Nove TV. The illustrious Czech-American thinks it would not be just to deny Djokovic the opportunity to play in the New York Major.

Lendl expressed his disappointment in both Rafa and Novak. “Since he hasn’t played in a while and is the oldest, Roger Federer currently seems to be out of it. We shall know the answer if Novak still manages to win the most Grand Slams in spite of that.

If Rafa wins one more championship, I believe he will be asked about the vaccination and the fact that Novak was unable to compete. And that doesn’t seem fair to me. Actually, I’d prefer to see someone at the top with a 2, 3, or 4 title advantage.

Whoever it is, I don’t care; I don’t have a favorite. To be clear, I just want to answer that question. Also, refrain from saying, “Your record isn’t that excellent, but if this man could play, maybe it would be different.” That’s not right, “Added he.

Former ATP ace: “Roger Federer seems to be out of it.”

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