Millman, John again seems to question Novak Djokovic’s US Open suspension

John Millman, an Australian tennis player, claims it is absurd that Novak Djokovic cannot enter the United States despite testing positive for COVID-19, as he has not had the necessary vaccinations. As foreigners can now enter the country without having a negative COVID-19 test, the United States has loosened some of its COVID-19 regulations.

Foreign visitors must still present their immunization documentation, though. “Ideation for the day. Because I’m immunized, even if I test positive for covid, I may fly into the United States without being stopped. But if a person has recovered from covid, is currently covid-negative, but hasn’t received a vaccination, entry is refused.

I am aware of the border regulations, but please explain.” Millman tweeted something.

Theme for the day:

Because I’m immunized, even if I test positive for covid, I may fly into the United States without being stopped.

However, if a person has recovered from COVID and is currently COVID-NEGATIVE but has not had a vaccination, entry will be prohibited.

I am aware that there are border regulations, but please explain. — John Millman on August 5, 2022 (@johnhmillman)

According to Millman, Djokovic ought to attend the US Open.

“Covid and I are out. When I was recently in the United States, I didn’t feel that many people there were adhering to any advice or rules.

That’s OK, but I fail to understand why @DjokerNole can’t come play “Earlier this week, Millman tweeted. After facing some backlash for backing Djokovic, Millman made a clarification.

“Just to be clear I have no problem with their imposing a vax entrance policy as long as everyone in the nation complies with the rules. However, the competition permits non-vax citizens to participate, and only 30% have received a vaccination, so from what I could tell, hardly anyone was “”Ooster,” added Millman in a subsequent tweet.

At the Atlanta Open last week, Millman began his hard court tour of North America. After ending his Atlanta run, Millman, who had been defeated by in the last-16, tested positive for COVID-19. He didn’t have the impression that many Americans were adhering to COVID-19 safety rules when he was there.

Djokovic is presently training as though he will be able to participate in the US Open, which begins on August 29.