“My rating has never kind of mirrored my game,” says Nick Kyrgios.

It’s been a few weeks, but the wound is still visible. Nick Kyrgios has been reflecting on his performance in the final against Serbian Novak Djokovic, which he lost on the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon.

I’m enjoying a fantastic year; if Wimbledon had started awarding points right now, I’d be among the top 15 or 20 players in the world. I think I’m playing tennis at that level right now, like I’m in the top 10 or five. It obviously hurts to lose that match since, ever since I was a young child, my instructors have been telling me that Wimbledon is the most significant prize that can be won, according to the current world number 63.

“Having that opportunity and failing to take advantage of it is difficult to accept; after all, if you win Wimbledon, you can say that you accomplished the greatest, regardless of what happens with your career. There are many things I wish I had done differently in that match now that weeks have passed, so I simply think about doing my best to get back there.

We all now see that competing for Grand Slams is feasible, even though we never imagined it to be so,” he continued. It is well known that Kyrgios‘ issues are not related to the tennis rules; rather, they have always been with factors outside of his performance on the court.

He is currently in the center of a hurricane due to his divisive personality and attitudes. He appears more serious than ever lately, yet he is still unable to work closely with a coach who can help him advance in his career.

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Nick Kyrgios claimed in his news conference after defeating Paul that if he had been seeded, he wouldn’t have had the difficulties he did during the tournament. According to Kyrgios, a seeded player doesn’t even play in the first round.

I had a difficult first round last night, and I was supposed to play tonight after undergoing a drug test that lasted till midnight. A player who is seeded goes to bed when he wants to go to bed. eats what he desires.

When there was no food, I was instructed to eat in the cafe. These are only issues I believe a player who is seeded won’t experience.” Kyrgios claimed that his ranking never accurately reflected the caliber of his performance and added that he rarely plays a complete schedule, which is bad for his standing.

My ranking has never really mirrored my game, said Kyrgios, so it’s not really an honor or anything. That is also a result of my playing schedule. I never actually had a full schedule of games.”