“Shameful that players don’t support Novak Djokovic,” said Seth Dillon.

With the exception of sensational twists, Novak Djokovic shouldn’t be at the US Open in 2022. The United States enacted new Covid-19 legislation in June that stipulate that you must have documentation of the double vaccination in order to enter the country.

And because the Serb has publicly said time and time again that he did not receive any vaccinations, Flushing Meadows is closed to him. The fan and political support that the 21-time Grand Slam champion is getting, nevertheless, is remarkable.

Anyone but his own coworkers, with the exception of a select few who, in the opinion of Seth Dillon, CEO of the parody website The Babylon Bee, should be ashamed of not using their influence to assist Djokovic. On Twitter, he stated: “Some active tennis players are urging the US to allow Novak Djokovic to compete or not. Are they concerned about the reaction? Compared to the rest of the tennis community combined, they are more influential.

It is shameful to not use it.”

The scenario that puts Djokovic at risk of dropping in the rankings

It appears fairly improbable that the US administration, under the leadership of Joe Biden, will fully change the entrance requirements, allowing entry to non-immunized foreigners.

Therefore, given the current situation, Novak Djokovic will be compelled to withdraw from the US Open and defend the 1200 points he won there in 2021, a year in which he lost only in the final to the Russian Daniil Medvedev and was unable to complete the Calendar Grand Slam.

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The Serbian would fall further in the ATP rankings and finish with just 3570 points; at the moment, he would be worth eighth place. However, it must be taken into account how many tennis players will be able to gain ground in the three events scheduled between August and September, along with losing the rest.

Djokovic is hoping that guys like Jannik Sinner and Matteo Berrettini, who is currently ranked 13th in the world, won’t perform well until Flushing Meadows and don’t go over his allotted number of points after the previous match.

season-best slam. The Belgrade native will unavoidably have to redeem himself in the events in which he is eligible, but a Top-10 exit is undoubtedly conceivable, if not extremely certain.

“Shameful that players don’t support Novak Djokovic,” said Seth Dillon.

By Antonio Zaccaro

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