After coming out, Daria Kasatkina said, “I feel freer.”

Daria Kasatkina is back in the United States to discuss her decision to come out to the public without fear of backlash on social media. In recent days, she has received numerous accolades and commendations for the following story: “It is impossible to live secretly.

You will be entirely preoccupied with this until you decide to come out, therefore it is pointless. Of course, how you go about it and how much you communicate is entirely up to you. The only thing that matters is being at peace with yourself, screw everyone else!” In a recent interview with renowned Russian blogger Vitya Kravchenko, the tennis star emphasized this.

Many players responded to the Russian’s remarks, including Coco Gauff: “Without regard to our backgrounds or identities, I believe that we help one another greatly in tennis, at least when there are girls present. Regarding this, I don’t believe there is any judgment.

I’m glad she felt at ease enough to share that aspect of her life with her. I can only imagine how many individuals in her situation find inspiration in what she did even if she wasn’t required to.” Naomi Osaka appreciated the decision as well: “I found how she was doing it to be just amazing.

It’s a little risky, so I think we ought to band together to support her. I find it incredibly interesting that she is announcing and defending herself in all of this. what he stands for. I have always been there for her.”

Kasatkina’s assertions

At the WTA in San Jose, the girl spoke about the problem as follows: “I’m happier and more liberated. I believe I’ve made the proper decision. All of this is difficult given the current global scenario; when else but now? Although it was solely beneficial to myself, I was able to assist others.

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I feel fantastic, and it’s terrific. I’m no longer 18; I’m 25. I’ve got to exhibit what I’ve learned throughout the years. I believe that now is the perfect opportunity to give more than you receive.”

After coming out, Daria Kasatkina said, “I feel freer.”
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