Expert: “Novak Djokovic should have been used as an example, but…”

Even though only one thing is left from his standing, Novak Djokovic‘s future in the most important positions on the circuit looks to be set. The Serbian is already certain that the current anti-Covid laws in effect in the United States of America will prevent him from competing in the Montreal Masters 1000 and that he will soon be required to withdraw from the Cincinnati tournament as well as the United States Open Championship.

The Belgrade has entirely revised his schedule as a result of his decision to forego vaccinations, and he is no longer in control of his own future. The athlete has had to deal with a number of challenging circumstances, including the Australian Open and an illness he contracted upon his return from the first Grand Slam of the season after nearly three months (which he ultimately chose not to play), and everything is still far from done.

In actuality, the risks for this 35-year-old man are escalating and do not provide him with any relief. He will only be able to participate in a few tournaments in Europe before the Nitto ATP Finals, for which he will only be eligible if he places in the top 20 of the Race ranking given his victory at Wimbledon, according to the present possibilities, speaking of events of a specific level.

It appears quite improbable that the US administration of Joe Biden will entirely repeal the country’s entrance regulations anytime soon, in this case permitting entry to foreigners who are not immunized. Since he only lost to the Russian Daniil Medvedev in the final and did not complete the “Grand Slam of the Calendar,” Nole will miss the Flushing Meadows appointment and will not be able to defend the 1,200 points he won in the 2021 edition.

A true champion is Nole Djokovic.

Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist at the George Washington University Hospital and a guest on Patrick McEnroe‘s podcast, didn’t hesitate to criticize Novak Djokovic for his positions regarding, in particular, vaccination against Covid, even though he is still fine with the idea that he should be able to play in the US Open.

“Even if I believe he ought to compete in the US Open, I believe he made a grave error of judgment during the worst period of the pandemic, when he ought to have served as an example and instead did not. He acted quite selfishly this winter, and everything he did was done out of pure self-interest.

Athletes strive to represent the best aspects of us when I look at them as role models for the general audience. I hope that the players I watch play baseball or support at the US Open will teach me what I need to do to advance in my life. a bravery, discipline, or sacrifice display.