Former American ace: “I personally hope that Roger Federer can”

There is no doubt that Carlos Alcaraz is not having the best year of the 2022 season or of his early career. The Spaniard has lost two consecutive finals on clay, the surface to which he is probably most like and on which he has already accomplished tremendous results, for the first time since he became a consistent professional tennis player on the major circuit.

18/19 years The Iberian considers the errors he made in the decisive acts of the competitions in Hamburg and Umag, which he lost against Lorenzo Musetti and Jannik Sinner, respectively. It is an unprecedented circumstance, and the Italians currently appear to be the young player’s biggest obstacles: out of a total of 7, the top 5 have lost 4 games versus the Italians.

After this vacation from the track because he has been busy on clay for two weeks, the athlete under the direction of coach Juan Carlos Ferrero will get ready to fly to the United States of America. He has the Montreal and Cincinnati Masters 1000 as well as the US Open coming up very soon, all of which he intends to compete in as one of the main characters.

Alcaraz just hit a very extraordinary milestone, which gave him the opportunity to rewrite history. Even going back in time, the Spaniard is the first tennis player to have won 75 of the first 100 official matches on the illustrious circuit.

Nobody can compare to him, and this album demonstrates how the Iberian is one of the most gifted young people, with both the future and the present (nearly) entirely in his hands. Andy Roddick, who had 73 hits, and John McEnroe, who finished third with 72 hits, were both closing down on the 19-year-record. old’s

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Andre Agassi, Mats Wilander, and Michael Chang all retired at the age of 70. Rafael Nadal leads the group of three with 67 victories, followed by Novak Djokovic with 65 and Andy Murray with 63. With “just” 51 victories, Roger Federer is far behind.

Andy Roddick discusses Roger Federer.

Andy Roddick, a former World No. 1, is the most recent to provide an opinion on Roger Federer‘s comeback. He is aware of what he had to overcome following the previous knee surgeries, according to Roddick.

“He wasn’t moving all that well; he was a mere shadow of Roger,” someone said. Roddick went on to say how “terrible” it was to see one of the top athletes in the world struggle physically. We have to be patient, Roddick remarked.

“It’s terrible to witness the game’s icons perish as a result of their failing bodies. Personally, I’m hoping he can return and depart on his own terms. He may not be as good as he once was, but that doesn’t matter to me right now “said the American. It’s crucial that he receives the proper farewell.

Former American ace: “I personally hope that Roger Federer can”

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