“I complained to my parents,” says Rafael Nadal.

After declining Wimbledon and the Olympics, Rafa made the decision to accept the Washington wild card. Against Novak Djokovic at the Roland Garros semifinals, the Spaniard sustained a foot injury. Despite a clear struggle, he made an effort to maintain contact but lost in four sets after more than four hours.

For three weeks, Nadal was unable to train, and he was also unable to play in either London or Tokyo. In July, Rafa went to Washington to check on his physique before returning to the practice field at his house in Mallorca.

Nadal ultimately decided to terminate the season and concentrate on 2022 after playing two challenging matches and failing to cope with the pain in his foot.

Nadal created history.

Rafael Nadal, a former world number one, details how he balanced tennis and his education in his autobiography, “Rafael Nadal: My Story.”

“My mother focused her enthusiasm and motivation on the areas where I was weaker, like my schoolwork,” he remarked. Due to this, after protecting me from Barcelona, my parents decided that when I was fifteen, I should follow my father and Toni’s example and enroll in a boarding school in Palma.

Nadal complained to his mother about missing the Wimbledon and Roland Garros junior competitions. But these competitions are so significant, he argued. I brooded to my mother about it. She retorted, “Yes, I’m sure of it, but I assure you that you’ll have another opportunity to compete in those tournaments; but if you give up on your studies, you most definitely won’t have another chance to pass your exams.”