Roger Federer is aware that it will be a difficult battle, claims a former professional.

Pete Sampras vs. Andre Agassi used to be Stan Wawrinka’s favorite rivalry, but after Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal arrived, things changed. Although Sampras and Agassi had a long-standing rivalry, Federer and Nadal outclassed all previous tennis rivalries.

The head-to-head record between Nadal and Federer is 24-16 with the Spaniard winning 24 of the 40 meetings. Of those 40 matches, 24 took place in finals, with Nadal winning 14 of them. The 50th anniversary of the ATP Tour’s founding is this year.

“Sampras and Agassi were my favorites before I joined the Tour, followed by Roger Rafa. I find it to be really noteworthy because it represents a fantastic champion in a totally different manner of play and personality “In a video, Wawrinka stated.

as ATP. The winner of the US Open in 2020, Thiem, acknowledged that Federer and Nadal and Sampras-Agassi had some of tennis’ greatest rivalries “From what I’ve heard, it’s difficult to pinpoint the ATP Tour’s most famous rivalry.

I grew up watching Roger and Rafa, but Sampras-Agassi and McEnroeBorg must have been incredible as well. I chose this rivalry since it was the first one I was able to grow up watching on television.

Additionally, this was the first game I watched live on television, and they went on to play a ton of fantastic games after that, making it my favorite rivalry “Thiem remarked. Since Wimbledon in 2019, there haven’t been any meetings between Nadal and Federer.

Federer has undergone three knee operations since 2020, thus he hasn’t played much during the past 2.5 years.

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Upon Federer‘s comeback, Roddick

Andy Roddick, a former World No. 1, is the most recent to provide an opinion on Roger Federer‘s comeback.

He is aware of what he had to overcome following the previous knee surgeries, according to Roddick. “He wasn’t moving all that well and resembled Roger only in name. He certainly understands it will be a difficult battle to have him return after that lossy time and have another knee operation added to that “Added he.

Roddick went on to say how “terrible” it was to see one of the top athletes in the world struggle physically. We have to be patient, Roddick remarked. “It’s terrible to witness the game’s icons perish as a result of their failing bodies. Personally, I’m hoping he can return and depart on his own terms.”

Roger Federer is aware that it will be a difficult battle, claims a former professional.

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