Roger Federer is too expensive to hire as a super-coach, says Lorenzo Musetti.

pivotal moment in his 2022 season on an American hard court—a surface less suited to the nuances of the modern game.

Roger Federer is too expensive to hire as a super-coach, says Lorenzo Musetti.

The talented young Italian man spoke about himself and offered some thought-provoking arguments: “Everyone has their own themes and journey in life.

Making amends for errors and developing first as a man before becoming a tennis player. In this way, the previous year was crucial. It was a challenging time because of a number of factors that crossed into both my personal and professional life, resulting in a season of many ups and downs. Envious of Jannik Sinner and Matteo Berrettini‘s accomplishments? I have to appreciate them for having succeeded before me because it has allowed me to work stealthily in the background. I am always delighted when they triumph.

Zeppieri and Agamenone in the semifinals in Umago, Cobolli, Passaro, and Nardi is our example of successful Italian tennis. Our movement is currently going through a really pleasant and optimistic phase. Super-coach? The idea, in my opinion, is not one that I must choose to follow.

I already use federal coach Umberto Rianna’s assistance, and I plan to continue doing so. And if Roger Federer, my all-time favorite player, were available? I doubt I can afford his pay, though.” The very young 20-year-old, who has developed significantly over the past few months and even reached the top 30 finish, was proven correct by the full confidence in the connection with the entire staff. European Open in Hamburg provided the image.