How did Alexander Zverev’s first practice go?

Alexander Zverev, the second-ranked player in the world, has returned to the practice court but has not yet decided whether or not to enter the US Open. Zverev practiced “extremely gingerly” when he returned to the courts after tearing multiple ankle ligaments at the French Open.

Zverev is relieved to have been given the go-ahead to train once more, but he is being extremely cautious since he doesn’t want to experience a setback. Zverev felt no foot soreness after his first practice after his break, which is really encouraging.

Zverev told, “Of course, I moved very cautiously, and I haven’t put any pressure on my foot yet, but it’s just excellent news that I truly haven’t had any pain at all – so we can move on.”

He reported “basically no soreness at all” on his first practice.

“I obviously moved very slowly, and I haven’t yet put any pressure on my foot, but it’s just excellent news that I really haven’t had any pain at all, so now we can move on,” said Zverev.

He wants to be “100% fit” for the Davis Cup. (@insidetennis99) Oliver | Tennis 7 August 2022

Before making a decision regarding the US Open, Zverev will require more time.

There is potentially still a chance the German may compete in Flushing Meadows this year’s US Open, which begins on August 29.

Zverev said, “I played tennis for the first time today; it’s too early to decide on the US Open.”

Zverev: “I just played tennis, so it’s too early [to make a decision regarding the US Open].”

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He recently played tennis once more. carefully, carefully

“I still have a long way to go before I can play in a Grand Slam; let’s see how it turns out.” August 7, 2022 — Oliver | Tennis (@insidetennis99)

Zverev made the decision to openly share his experience with Type 1 diabetes while on the sidelines.

Zverev established the Alexander Zverev Foundation on Saturday with the intention of aiding young diabetics everywhere. “For my family and I, August 6th, 2022, is a very meaningful day. The Alexander Zverev Foundation, which supports kids with type 1 diabetes and encourages people to live healthy, active lives, has formally launched today.

Our goal is to help those in need, including children in underdeveloped nations, by donating insulin and life-saving medications. And because I have type 1 diabetes, I want to inspire kids with the disease to never give up on their aspirations, no matter what people may say. The only restriction you place on yourself, “On Instagram, Zverev posted.

How did Alexander Zverev’s first practice go?
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