In a birthday joke, Roger Federer says, “You know you’re getting old when…

Roger Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam winner, posted a birthday selfie and sarcastically said that the fact that the candles were more expensive than the cake demonstrated his advancing age. Federer turned 41 years old on Monday.

“When the cake is more expensive than the candles, you know you’re getting older. I appreciate all of your wonderful birthday wishes “Federer made a post on Instagram.

Federer is still playing tennis professionally at the age of 41.

Federer, who hasn’t played much in the last two and a half years because of knee issues, is anticipated to make a comeback at the Laver Cup in late September. Federer will take part in an ATP 500 competition in Basel following the Laver Cup.

Federer appreciated his vacation.

Federer has had more time than ever in the past two and a half years to spend with his family and engage in enjoyable activities. Federer has spent some quality time with his family while on the sidelines and has no regrets about his recent lack of travel.

It allowed me the chance to plan my travels more carefully and give back, “Federer paused. “I used to have a lot of friends visit me, but now I could change that. The tennis schedule was occasionally too full, especially since it had to be planned for the kids as well.

While they miss traveling, it’s good to be able to take a break from that right now. We have pals all across the world, and we’ve created routines just for them. Our buddies in Melbourne and New York haven’t seen us in a while.

However, I can genuinely state that I am very content in my home. And that the ability to schedule an appointment on a Tuesday morning in three weeks is a huge benefit. And that I am capable of doing it without letting reality win. Though I do, too, miss doing sports, we do occasionally feel that life at home in a, shall we say, normal way, is also pleasant.