In Toronto, Iga Swiatek said, “I don’t only want to win.”

Iga Swiatek was without a doubt one of the WTA Tour’s leading players in 2022. By taking advantage of Ashleigh Barty’s retirement as the previous number one and contributing very little at that time, the youthful and skilled athlete was able to claim the top spot.

Iga has won 37 straight matches, an amazing streak during which she has won the Roland Garros and many other trophies. Swiatek’s record came to an end at Wimbledon, where the athlete—a heavy favorite in the competition—was shockingly defeated.

On the eve of the WTA 1000 in Toronto, where she returns after a hiatus and starts as a favorite, Swiatek spoke about her expectations for the competition. According to the press conference, there were: “I arrived here last in 2019 and played two excellent matches against Naomi Osaka and Caroline Wozniacki.

When I first arrived, I was quite different from how I am now. During every workout, I studied and reviewed every move I made as well as those of my opponents. I also saw challenges from people who, at the time, I thought were too powerful for me.”

In Toronto, Iga Swiatek said, “I don’t only want to win.”

The tennis star discussed her track record of victories, which sparked a lot of debate on the Tour: “Although I am aware that other players have performed better, I am proud of how my season’s first half went.

Now that I don’t really have anything to prove anymore, I’m hoping that playing will feel more liberating. On the other side, the record can place some pressure on me, so I make an effort to avoid dwelling on the past and instead focus on the future.

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So many youngsters? In my opinion, we players will continue to compete against one another throughout our careers. It’s excellent that the Tour features both more seasoned athletes and emerging talent. Not only do I want to win, but I also want to work on some aspects of my game. I hope he was able to incorporate my game since we had time to work following Wimbledon and Roland Garros.”

In Toronto, Iga Swiatek said, “I don’t only want to win.”
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