Leylah Fernandez describes how she felt upon first encountering Venus Williams.

Leylah Fernandez, a 19-year-old Canadian tennis player, acknowledged that she was completely in awe when she first saw seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams. Fernandez, 16, received a main draw wildcard for the National Bank Open in Toronto in 2019.

Fernandez had the opportunity to witness and interact with some of the best personalities in the game at the WTA 1000 category tournament in Toronto. According to Fernandez’s statement on the WTA website, “I was just in wonder witnessing all these professionals back then.”

“I recall seeing Venus walk past me at one point. Oh my God, Venus Williams just past me, I distinctly recall thinking. After that, Simona Halep joined you on the court. I felt anxious. During doubles, I had no idea how to approach her.

It was one of those tour introductions.

Fernandez rejoices in returning

At the French Open, Fernandez suffered a Grade 3 stress fracture. Despite losing to Martina Trevisan in the French Open quarterfinals, Fernandez was clearly having trouble and resisted the urge to give up.

The scans performed following the game showed a severe foot damage. In Toronto, Fernandez will resume playing after missing the entire grass season. Fernandez stated, “I guess I’ll simply try and enjoy my time on court and, secondly, see how I feel physically and mentally.

“I feel terrific after practicing, but a tennis match is a completely different experience. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly. Simply put, we can improve by winning each tournament. Hopefully, I’ll be prepared for the US Open. But that won’t be for a very long time.

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Fernandez gained attention when she reached her maiden Grand Slam final at the US Open last summer. Prior to the US Open, Fernandez is anticipated to participate in Toronto and Cincinnati. How Fernandez performs this summer on hard courts is still up in the air.

Leylah Fernandez describes how she felt upon first encountering Venus Williams.
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