Top coach: “Everything Roger Federer does is…”

Roger Federer discussed his career high points in an interview with USA Today. After winning his 100th championship in Dubai, the Swiss golfer had plenty of time to think about it and cited a number of instances. In a way, Federer believed that winning the first championship—which occurred in Milan in 2001—was significant.

Looking at it again, I felt quite relieved that I could accomplish it. In Hamburg (2002), when I defeated (Marat) Safin in the championship match, I broke the top 10 rankings. Then, in 2005, I defeated Rafa (Nadal) in Miami in five sets. At the time, I had already dropped two sets and one game, but I managed to prevail.

I was actually able to demonstrate my strong character on the court, and I discovered a lot about myself throughout that game. I was still quite young, so it was a huge accomplishment for me. The French Open in 2009 must stand out as a very significant victory because it was my first Slam (Wimbledon 2003), stressful scenarios when I tried to get my fifth Wimbledon, and of course.

For me, it was significant to achieve my first Swiss title in Basel in 2006 and Gstaad in 2004. I therefore had a great time on tour, to put it mildly. Federer continued, referring to Jimmy Connors’ 109 career victories, “We live in a time where today all records have to be smashed.

For me, no. I’m content since I’m still healthy and have a great team, family, and friends. I can’t express my gratitude to them enough for their long-standing support. It’s exciting every time I reach a milestone along the way, but I’m not really here to set every record, and I believe Jimmy should be proud of what he accomplished.

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Mouratoglou considers Federer

Patrick Mouratoglou recently said in an interview that he thinks Roger Federer is “a genius” and that the Swiss player is the most original he has ever seen. Roger is brilliant.

He is a tennis prodigy. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a tennis player play that manner. And I believe I won’t do it until I pass away. He does everything perfectly, according to Mouratoglou, who was reported as saying. There isn’t much to separate Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in terms of titles won.

But most people concur that the Swiss great is a cut above when it comes to technique, grace, precision, intellect, and footwork.

Top coach: “Everything Roger Federer does is…”

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