After a difficult 2022 season, Emma Raducanu strives for a “clean state.”

Emma Raducanu said she is anticipating the US Open’s conclusion because she would then feel like she can “start again.” Raducanu made national news at the US Open last year when she qualified for the tournament for the first time ever.

Since then, 19-year-old Raducanu hasn’t claimed any championships due to her recent struggles with her game and injuries. Raducanu acknowledges that the 2022 season—her first full season on the WTA Tour—has been extremely difficult, but she also says this year has taught her many important things.

According to Raducanu, “To have success at a young age, obviously you have to be extremely glad because I’m doing what I love, but you also have to be grateful because I’ve attained success lot sooner than I ever really would have believed I did.”

“I’m therefore pleased with myself in that regard. But it’s been a difficult year. I have undoubtedly faced and overcome many difficulties. To be honest, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from it all. It will be wonderful once the US Open is over and I can move on from there, in my opinion.

Start over. Having a fresh start after learning all the lessons from the previous year will be great, in my opinion.”

Raducanu is unconcerned about a possible ranking decline

Raducanu won 2,040 from the US Open in 2017 after winning three qualifying matches and the championship.

Raducanu has 2,772 points and is currently ranked 10th in the world. If Raducanu falls early in Flushing Meadows, she could see a significant dip in her ranking, given she has a vast number of points to protect at the US Open.

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“Okay, so it won’t necessarily be simple or straightforward, but to be completely honest, I’m totally fine with starting over. I don’t care whether my rating falls to 1000 or anything, for example “said Raducanu.

After a difficult 2022 season, Emma Raducanu strives for a “clean state.”
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