I don’t need to move quickly to secure as many sponsors as possible, says Iga Swiatek.

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek acknowledges that she has a lot to learn about the tennis industry’s commercial side but noted that she has surrounded herself with a team of experts she can trust. Swiatek, 21, is regarded as the finest female athlete because she has by far experienced the most success in 2022.

Swiatek now has more options for sponsorship and endorsement arrangements thanks to her status as the top player in the world and the face of women’s sports. According to Forbes, Swiatek said, “First of all. “In both tennis and business, I’m still a student.

Every aspect of my life and job needs to be in harmony. I feel protected and can focus on my tennis game because to my business side.”

Swiatek on learning about the tennis industry’s commercial side

At the French Open in 2019, a 19-year-old Swiatek won her first Grand Slam championship.

Swiatek gained notoriety when she won the Grand Slam as a youngster, which led to opportunities for sponsorship and endorsing her products. After winning my first Roland-Garros title, Swiatek remarked, “I have to mature quickly and learn how to function when I have not only sports but also commercial obligations.”

“To have people I can trust on board, I assembled a team of business and sports specialists for this purpose. Because I can handle all the interviews, press conferences, and picture shoots without having it affect how I perform in sports, I’d say I picked up how to operate in both areas quite quickly.”

Swiatek may have choices when it comes to sponsors, but she isn’t in a rush to accept every offer. Swiatek continued, “I don’t need to hurry, to have as many sponsors as possible. On and off the court, “We’re taking everything one step at a time.”