It’s not a lack of faith in me, Carlos Alcaraz,

Carlos Alcaraz is now one of the top favorites to win every competition in which he competes. Although he still needs to make the crucial move in the really significant ATP events, the Spanish tennis star is already among the favorites to win the various events on the tour.

Currently, the Murcian will be the second seed in the Canadian Masters 1000, which was nearly unthinkable before the start of 2022. “I have developed quickly. I never imagined at the start of the year that I would make it to a Masters 1000 as the second seed.

Sincerity be damned, I don’t even believe it. I’ve wanted to be at the top and, of course, one of the favorites to win the most significant tournaments since the start of the season “In comments picked up by “Punto de Break,” he stated.

In the past few weeks, Alcaraz has faced a continual stream of different playing surfaces, including grass at Wimbledon, clay at a few European tournaments, and now hard court in North America. “I’ve recently modified a lot of the surface.

To discover the sensations in each of them, I work specifically. Carlitos Alcaraz, ranked fourth in the world, declared at a news conference, “I am Carlitos Alcaraz, and I will always be the same. Given that Carlos Alcaraz is only 19 years old and that he has a significant backlog of matches, his success at the US Open may be influenced by a variety of factors.

Do you think the Spanish tennis player will prevail in the season’s grand finale?

What will Alcaraz do next?

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Carlos Alcaraz said he did not believe he and his youthful teammates would be able to write the history of this sport as the Big 3 did in the past when asked about it on the sidelines of the Montreal tournament, where he is one of the favorites.

We won’t be able to replicate them, I believe. I don’t lack trust in my own or my teammates’ ability, but I don’t believe that the other young guys and I can duplicate what Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic have accomplished.

We’re discussing an impossibility, and I’m not thinking about that right now. I like to keep my feet firmly planted in the here and now.” The 22-time Grand Slam winner withdrew from the National Bank Open in Montreal earlier this week because his stomach strain could not heal in time. This incident happened during his Wimbledon quarterfinal encounter against Taylor Fritz.

It’s not a lack of faith in me, Carlos Alcaraz,
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