Kei Nishikori discusses his recent hip surgery and shares his anxiety about returning.

without my legs (footwork). Nishikori stated, via Wowowtennis, “Murray was able to hit every ball back; that was his strength, but (after surgery) he lost that a bit. I’m scared a little it will happen to me.

“(Before the surgery) I was basically navigating my way through agony, trying various treatments for three to four months, or taking a break, but the pain didn’t go away,” said Kei. I’d say it was a terrible injury because if I hadn’t had surgery, I would have ended up with a metal hip like Murray. August 8, 2022 — (@seiadoumogera)

I was very concerned and thought I would die without my legs (footwork). I’m concerned a little it will happen to me because Murray used to be able to hit every ball back; that was his strength. @wowowtennis — (@seiadoumogera) August 8, 2022

Nishikori had planned to play again at the beginning of the North American hard court tour, but he now needs to wait.

The Winston-Salem Open officials said last week that Nishikori had chosen to return his main event wildcard. Even though Nishikori won’t be playing in Winston-Salem, he still plans to compete at the US Open. “My footwork is getting a lot better; I move with nearly no pain, can dash, and can move well to the side as well.

I’d say I’m ready, it just needs a little more time until I can move about freely (back and forth and laterally) during point play drill.” said Nishikori.

Kei on his current state: “My footwork is improving a lot, for every motion I feel practically no pain, can do a sprint, and lateral movement is well too.” (Flash, I’ll post a more full version later.) (@seiadoumogera) August 8, 2022 #Nishikori