Nick Kyrgios discusses the benefit of his relationship to his career.

Being in a committed relationship, according to Nick Kyrgios, has changed the way he thinks and has positively impacted his career since he now has a “partner I see a future with and I want to provide for.”

Kyrgios, 27, and Costeen Hatzi have been dating since late 2021, and they have been traveling together to tournaments for the entire 2022 season. In 2022, Kyrgios has been playing the best tennis of his career, and he exudes happiness both on and off the field.

With his love on his side, Kyrgios has unmatched drive to succeed. “Sincerily, I feel much older and more mature than I ever was. I also believe that as you age, you come to realize that you shouldn’t take your feelings and your physical well-being for granted.

Additionally, I now live with a partner with whom I kind of envisage a future and for whom I must provide. I therefore believe that my motivation is much higher than it once was “According to Kyrgios, Sportskeeda.

On those who still believe Kyrgios is detrimental for the game, Kyrgios

“I don’t care what people think about my tennis, whether they think I’m always disrespectful to the game or anything else.

I firmly believe that I work extremely hard to complete things my way. I am only acting in front of millions of people who I know are inspired by me “Kyrgios remarked. For Kyrgios, who won the Australian Open men’s doubles title earlier this year with Thanasi Kokkinakis, the 2022 season has been absolutely fantastic.

After winning the men’s doubles championship at the Australian Open, Kyrgios advanced to his first Grand Slam singles final at Wimbledon. Although Kyrgios lost to Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, he last week defeated Yoshihito Nishioka to claim his first championship of the year. At the Montreal Open, Kyrgios will take on Sebastian Baez this week.

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Nick Kyrgios discusses the benefit of his relationship to his career.
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