Novak Djokovic is defended by an American political consultant.

Even one of the greatest tennis players in history, Ivan Lendl, has an opinion on the perennial and unanswerable topic of who the GOAT is. The former tennis player with Czech ancestry, who dominated the ATP tour in the late 1980s, is arguably one of the people who knows how to express an opinion on the matter better than others. He won eight Grand Slam titles and spent an astounding 270 weeks at the top of the rankings.

The person who coached Andy Murray for many years admitted as much to the Eurosport microphones, stating that the situation involving the vaccine that concerns Novak Djokovic could have a significant impact on the verdict. Political decisions about immunization have a slight influence on the contest for the GOAT title, Lendl said.

Currently, in terms of the Majors, Rafael Nadal holds the best record. He won 22 Grand Slam titles thanks to his achievements in 2022, as opposed to 21 for Nole and 20 for Roger Federer, who is currently having a bad year.

In addition to having more weeks at the top of the ATP rankings than Nadal (38 to 36), Djokovic also holds the record for the Masters 1000. Rafa and the Swiss are far behind. The ATP Finals are still missing from the record of the Spaniard, who like the Belgrader can also claim an Olympic gold in singles, compared to Djokovic‘s up to five and Federer‘s six.

The former ’80s icon continued: “We will know the answer if Novak Djokovic, despite the non-vaccination issue, ends up with more Slam titles than anyone else. On the other hand, Rafa Nadal will have to address the issue of the vaccine and its effect on Nole‘s career if he wins another championship.”

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Therefore, it appears that the Ostrava native, a nationalized American since 1992, has sided with the Serb in the controversy over who the greatest tennis player in history is.

Blair Brandt considers Djokovic.

Blair Brandt has criticized American tennis players for delaying their withdrawal from the US Open until Novak Djokovic received permission to play.

“American tennis players would all withdraw from the US Open until Djokovic is able to compete if they actually wanted to make a message. All people are at risk when one individual is subjected to tyranny, “Tweeted Brandt. Rafael Nadal, the Serb’s bitter rival, also announced his withdrawal from the competition after the Serb did.

Novak Djokovic is defended by an American political consultant.

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