Rafael Nadal’s element of surprise is discussed by Mischa Zverev.

Rafael Nadal‘s element of surprise, according to former world No. 25 Mischa Zverev, is one of the things that makes the Spaniard so challenging to defeat. According to Zverev, Nadal, who has won the Grand Slam a record 22 times, knows when to execute a surprise shot.

“The players are getting ready for lengthy rallies, especially Medvedev. You play the point after a serve and return almost just like a penalty. This strategy is known as “developing the case from behind.” Rafa continually analyzes the game and is aware of when it is a good idea to introduce unexpected events.

When he falls behind, he frequently does something novel or unexpected, Zverev told tennis MAGAZIN. “He tosses in a serve and volley after a very drawn-out game, with advantages of deuce, deuce, and advantage. He does it under pressure, when you least expect it.

Or, as is more common with the forehand, he employs his halt. Rafa playing serve-and-volley all the time would not be effective.

This week, Nadal won’t begin his summer campaign on hard courts.

Due to an abdominal strain, Nadal was forced to retire from his Wimbledon semifinal. He planned to play again this week at the Montreal Masters.

Nadal chose to withdraw from the competition after experiencing a “slight niggle” in his abdomen while getting ready for Montreal. Nadal stated on Friday, “I have been practicing for a long now without serving and started with serves four days ago.

“Everything is proceeding smoothly. But after my usual practice yesterday, I experienced a minor ache in my abdomen, which persisted today. We like to approach things cautiously and wait a few more days before beginning to compete after discussing with my doctor. Now, it’s anticipated that Nadal will make a comeback at the Cincinnati Masters, which begins on August 14.