An ex-Grand Slam winner discusses Serena Williams’ message of retirement.

Rennae Stubbs, a former six-time Grand Slam doubles champion, believed Serena Williams gave a really sincere and lovely parting statement. Williams confirmed her plans to end her tennis career at the US Open in an article that was published for Vogue on Tuesday.

Williams acknowledged in her statement that contemplating retirement has never been easy for her, and that formally announcing her professional retirement is “the most difficult thing ever.”

This article is the most authentic, sincere, and lovely one I’ve ever read.

I appreciate you for always being who you are, Farewell to Tennis: Serena Williams‘ Own Words” Stubbs tweeted something.

This article is the most authentic, sincere, and lovely one I’ve ever read. Thank you for everything; I appreciate you for always being you. ⁦@serenawilliams⁩ Leaving Tennis: Her Own Words Renae Stubbs 9.08.2022 OLY (@rennaestubbs)

Williams: I’ll admit that my interest in tennis is waning.

“Retirement has never been a word I’ve loved.

It doesn’t strike me as a contemporary word. I’ve been referring to this as a transition, but I want to be careful how I use that word since it has a very specific and significant meaning to a group of people.

Perhaps the easiest way to sum up what I’m doing is to call it evolutionary. I’m here to let you know that I’m moving away from tennis and toward other priorities. I quietly founded Serena Ventures, a venture capital business, a few years ago.

I soon afterward began a family. I want that family to expand “Vogue’s Williams was a writer. Williams, 40, acknowledged that she was not “happy” to announce the end of her career. “This subject does not bring me joy.

I realize it’s unusual for me to say this, but I’m in a lot of pain. It’s the most difficult thing I can fathom. I abhor it. I detest having to stand at this turning point. I keep telling myself that I want things could be simple for me, but they aren’t.

I’m conflicted because I don’t want it to end but I’m also ready for what comes next “Williams acknowledged. Williams said in her statement that she and her husband Alexis Ohanian want to have another child.